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You will use your provider ID to identify yourself when you access A Good Family History. It can consist of any collection of letters, numbers and special characters. Please be aware that access to your account may be obtained by others if they know your username. If you already have a user ID for your personal family history, enter it here with the correct password and e-mail below.
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Select your preferred or the best method for family medical history information to be communicated to you. The contact information that you provide will not be shared or made public but will be used when a patient or client has made updates to their family history and indicate that they would like a revised version to be submitted to their medical record.
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Select the group or groups of practitioners that should have access to the records on your clients or patients such as your partners, nurses, etc. The organizers of this group will be contacted requiring them to acknowledge and accept you before your will be granted access to any of their patient/client family medical history information but this will not restrict you from entering information on your patients. To select multiple entries hold the Control key or Apple/Command key, depending on the type of computer and browser you are using.
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Select the institution or institutions that you practice at. This is used for assigning the appropriate medical registration number when reporting a family medical history.

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