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Welcome to the A Good Family History website for health care providers. This system is intended to allow a collaboration between you, your patients or clients and their families to generate and document the best family history possible.

As you know, a good family history is a very important tool for estimating and evaluating potential health risks, however, it is time consuming to obtain and difficult to store and update. If you have been frustrated, like many others, by having no easy way to collect, store, and create neat readable documentation of family history information this website will hopefully help.

The intention of this Web 2.0 application is that by participation of as many members of the family as possible, and their health care providers, the most accurate and specific information can be entered. For example, if a family member of your patient or client had cancer, the risk to your patient or client strongly depends on the type of cancer. Since advanced cancer will spread throughout the body it is common for the location where the cancer is that results in a family member's death to be quite distant from the origin, and therfore type, of cancer. Sometimes your patient or client only knows the location the cancer had spread to at the time of death The relative's oncologist is most likely to know the specific type of cancer. The relative's spouse, siblings, or children are also very likely to know the type. Cousins, nieces, nephews, etc. are less likely and so so forth as the relationship gets more distant. Since any of these people can potentially participate in storing the family history information the person most informed has the potential to contribute what they know. Each family member can enter his or her own information or information they may know about others. Since some families are not comfortable talking about such things it can just be directly entered by each individual.

Although the more communication within the family the better, having the accurate information available about your patient or client's family is the essential element for assessing risks.

So how do you get started? First you must register for an account. If you are going to enter information about your personal family you would register for an individual account. If, however, you are planning to enter information about your patients or clients, then register for a provider account. If you are already registered, just login by entering your provider ID and password in the upper right corner of the window then get busy.

Development of this site has been partially supported by a grant from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality .