A Good Family History

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A Good Family History is a Web 2.0 application developed by David W. Stockton, MD, FACMG, to facilitate good documentation of family medical history information. It was initiated in 2006 with partial support from AHRQ. Its original design goals were to provide: From the outset A Good Family History was not intended to be, and should not be considered, a medical record. Medical records are not changeable while family histories are dynamic and continuously changing. Documentation for a medical record, however, is easily generated from the data stored in A Good Family History.

Because the information contained in A Good Family History may be sensitive, extensive measures have been implemented to achieve security and maintain privacy.

The name 'A Good Family History' was selected because, at the time Dr. Stockton started working on this, what was available was very poor. In his estimation they were only capable of collecting 'Bad' family histories, so in reponse he decided to create something to collect a 'Good' family history.